Name First: Alison
    Middle Initial:
    Last: Rich
  School Name: George Washington Elementary
    District: Cook Co SD 130
    Grade: Intermediate 3 - 5
    Subject(s): Art and Media Center
  Personal My Vision: I want students to be able to recognise various forms of art in the world they live in. I want them to be able to recognise artists and art when they see reproductions in pop culture or on tv. I love when i see students make connections and say "I've seen that before!" I think that students today do not get enough exposure to art, nor do they value it that way that it was once valued. Art is important and it should not be pushed aside for things like standardized testing.  
    About Me: I am a K-5 art teacher. I recieved degree in Art Education from Kent State University in 2002. I am currently looking towards pursuing my MFA. Currently my creative outlet is coming up with exciting projects for my students, and singing in a band.  
  Project Title: People's Places and Their Spaces  
    Description: Students will look at a variety of dwellings and what resources were available to create them. Students will make a house of the future, and then write a First-person Narrative about what it is like to live there.  
    Topic: Art  
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