Name First: Donna
    Middle Initial:
    Last: Williams
    Email: dradcliffe@student.govst.edu
  School Name: Governors State University
    Grade: University
    Subject(s): Art
  Personal My Vision: I plan to make this project a series of biographies on African American artists from the Harlem Renaissance. It will cover several disciplines from the era and highlight the biographies and major accomplishments for each artist.  
    About Me: My name is Donna Williams and I am a graduate art student at Governors State University. I have a son in college and a very charming Shiz Tzu at home. I hope to use what I have learned here towards a lifelong affiliation in the arts as well as to enrich my knowledge of art making and teaching. My graduate studies are coming to an end in the next few months and I am seeking full time employment.  
  Project Title: The Harlem Renaissance - Augusta Savage Sculptor  
    Description: The Harlem Renaissance was a vast cultural explosion in Harlem, New York in the 1920ís and 1930ís. Advances in society and a new forward thinking President garnered a supportive atmosphere and the movement took off. Lets look at Augusta Savage to see what her life was like and how she became a great sculptor. This lesson is designed for High School students grades 9-12 and with slight modifications can be used as an undergraduate seminar.  
    Topic: Art  
    URL: https://sites.google.com/site/dwilliams111015/home/resources  
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