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In the summer of 2005 TPS-GSU Alumni gathered together to join in a "Digital Storytelling Workshop" facilitated by Partner Directors Ed Sheariin & Ann Marie Walter from Mars Hills College in North Carolina. This workshop is a "means by which teachers enhance their knowledge, skills, attittudes, and beliefs necessary to create high levels of learning for students." Enjoy viewing these digital stories designed by our creative participants.

Governors State University- Digital Storytelling

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Sara Baker

Lois Harrison
Christine Moehlig
History of Navy Pier
Deborah Balayti
National Anthem

Susan Karlson
Postcard Past
Jo Jean Morris
Abraham Lincoln Poem
Mary Baxter
Life on the Praire
Anne Kerr
Chicago Fire

Kathleen Odom
Illinois Waterways
Carol Benda
Yesterdays Child

Kathleen Laurencell
Project High Point
Mary Rich
Mary Chapman
William H. Johnson
Paige Lovejoy
Supreme Court
Cindy Rosa
Our Flag
Sharon Domas &
Jeannette Henke
Everyone Reads

Joyce Lueder
Japanese Americans
Janette Stein
Carver's Contributions
Patricia Finnerup
My 20th Century Life
Gina Mannino
Carl Sandburg
Laura Warwick
Rights & Responsibilities
Ann Gardner
Our Country's Government

Julie White
Patriotic Movie

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Summer 2005

COE Dean Steven
Russell and Dr. Sandi Estep get ready to welcome everyone.

Ann Marie and Ed
work with participants.

Classroom teacher
create projects.


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