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In the summer of 2006, GSU-AAM Alumni gathered together to join in another "Digital Storytelling Workshop" facilitated by Dr. Sandi Estep, taught by Lucianne Sweder, and tech supported by Ryan Estep. The workshop opened with Lynne Clayton, a professional storyteller, relating the basis of digital historical narratives, a form of digital story telling, back to original personal storytelling. This workshop is a "means by which teachers enhance their knowledge, skills, attittudes, and beliefs necessary to create high levels of learning for students." Enjoy viewing these stories designed by our creative participants. You may use them in your classroom for learning expressions for your students. Many of our teachers will be having their students create their own "digital historical narratives" using primary sources from the Library of Congress (LOC).

Governors State University- Digital Storytelling

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Carla Burruss
Black Soldiers

Shirley Comer
Nursing Licensure
Karyn Concannon
Pink & Say
Never Forget
Dr. Maribeth Kasik
Dr. Susan Kinsey Dr. Connie Mietlicki
Carol Meyer
My Childhood in Harvey, IL
Dr. John Meyer
Counting Audubon's Birds

Myskeshia Mitchell
On My Way to Grade K
Mary Moley
Cat Story

Dr. Rashidah Muhammad
Ponds, Trees, Family & Poetry
Tyrone Norvell
Open Book &
Open Your Mind
Dr. Adelle Sanders Dr. Catherine Tymkow
Clara Barton
Julie White
My Dad...
Leonard Bernstein

Donna Zawisza-Dineen

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Summer 2006

Lynn, our Storyteller
Lynne Clayton, a professional storyteller and our very own College of Education Secretary, presented an 1893 Columbian Exposition adventure for us.

Particpants 2006
Participants discuss storytelling's educational value.


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