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In the summer of 2007, GSU-TPS/AAM Alumni gathered together to join in another "Digital Storytelling Workshop" facilitated by Dr. Sandi Estep, taught by Lucianne Sweder, and tech supported by Matt Rivard. This workshop is a "means by which teachers enhance their knowledge, skills, attittudes, and beliefs necessary to create high levels of learning for students." Enjoy viewing these stories designed by our creative participants. You may use them in your classroom for learning expressions for your students. Many of our teachers will be having their students create their own "digital historical narratives" using primary sources from the Library of Congress (LOC).

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Anita Craig
World of Important Things

Amy Hernandez
Costa Rica, Then & Now

Cathe Kuzel
The Devil's Arithmetic
Detra Jernigan
Jill Legerski

Karen Ritter
Karen at Yellowstone
Pat Robey
Jen Shileny
Long Summer
Karina Tulley
Dejeuner du Matin


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