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Women Mapmakers and Cartographers

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Student Page

Objective for students: After completing the lesson, you will be able to:

-recognize the women who have contributed to mapmaking and cartography
-identify the inventions and creations of women in mapmaking and cartography
-understand the parts of a map.
-create a mental map of their route in school throughout the school day, including a personal story of your school day.

Investigative questions: Why are maps important? Why have women's contributions in mapmaking/cartography been neglected? What are ways that these women can be recognized besides in a classroom lesson? Who else in the realm of social studies has been neglected, and how could they be recognized?

Handouts for students: Graphic organizer worksheet, "T" chart sheet , rubric for PowerPoint.

Interactive activities: Going to the computer lab, and accessing the primary resources needed to analyze. You will compare and contrast four maps, and your conclusions will be written on a graphic organizer worksheet. To access the primary resources, click here. You will also access the Women's Contributions to Geography and Cartography website through the Library of Congress. Through this site, you will locate information about women who have contributed to mapmaking and cartography and fill out a "T" chart.

Internet sites for student use: Women In Geography, Library of Congress
Assessment: You will be evaluated by completing a "T" chart, a graphic organizer, and creating a mental map with a personal story.


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