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Duke Ellington: American Legend

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Before rap, rock, hip hop, funk, soul, R & B, and the blues, there was jazz. All American music you hear today owes a special respect to jazz. Meet one of America's first musical legends, Duke Ellington, and learn where American Musical Icons got their start.

You and your team have 3 assignments to complete this unit.

#1. Complete the Reading WebQuest from the Library of Congress on Duke Ellington.

#2. Create a poster for a Duke Ellington show. Use pictures and what you've learned about the Duke's era to create an advertisement that will fill up a Harlem nightclub!

#3. Listen to a Duke Ellington song, and write your own lyrics to go along with it.

Still want to know more about the Duke? Go to the Resources section of this site and open up some of the links!

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