Teaching with Primary Sources

Community Workers - Now and Then


Resources for this Project

On Your Way to School Scenario

Firefighter Concept Map

Nurse Concept Map

Police Officer Concept Map


Books for Read Alouds or Research:

Community Workers - Written by: Bobbie Kalman

Jobs People Do - Written by: Anita Ganeri

A Day With Firefighters - Written by: Jan Kottke

Nurses - Written by: Dee Ready

I Can Be a Police Officer - Written by: Catherine Matthias

A Day in the Life of a Police Officer
- Written by: Mary Bowman-Kruhm and Claudine G. Wirths

Internet Sites:

Library of Congress

Community Club
Choose from eight different neighborhood workers to learn about their jobs

Your Neighborhood

Click on the buildings to learn about the people that work in each one

Pick a community worker of your choice and you can find detailed information about that worker

Places in My Neighborhood
An online audio book about different places to work in a neighborhood

Time to Fight a Fire
Listen to a story about firefighters plus additional activities related to fire safety

Other Sources:
As part of this lesson a local firemen, police officer, or nurse could be brought in as guest speakers. The students could make a list of questions for each of these speakers that could be given to the speaker ahead of time so they have an idea of what the students want to know about.

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