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Can you imagine having to be escorted to school by the national guard?, Going to school and all the kids stayed home because of you? Or, Having a crowd yelling and throwing things at you as you try to enter the school? This lesson will show you what life was life for young African Americans during the Civil Rights Era.

After completing this lesson:

  • You will understand the hardships African Americans had to face to ensure that all students receive an equal education.
  • You will use what you know about education today to compare and contrast education for African Americans during The Civil Rights Movement and now.

Investigative Questions:

Use the interactive websites to help you answer these questions.

  • Who are some of the main people involved in the struggle for civil rights for blacks in the United States?
  • What significant events, legislation and organizations led up to the Brown v. Board of Education decision?
  • Is it important for schools to be desegregated and diverse?
  • How has education changed from the civil rights movement til now?

Here are the worksheets you will use for this lesson:

Interactive Venn Diagram
Venn Diagram
Writing Worksheet (rough draft)
Writing Worksheet (final draft)

Internet sites:
Little Rock Nine-1957- View this website and learn what the Little Rock Nine had to endure in order to gain an equal education.
Civil Rights - Learn more about the key
figures involved in the struggle for civil rights.
Black History Then to Now - Follow the African American experience from the time of slavery through the present.
Civil Rights Dictionary - View this website to learn new words and their meaning.
America's Story - View this website to take a trip back in time through American history.
Students Speak Out - Read what other students think about the Civil Rights Movement. Click on the Flash Intro to watch a short movie about the civil rights movement.
African American Odyssey - View this website and learn more about desegregation and the Civil Rights Era.

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