Our Participants

Alexander, Karen
 Email: tch2grw@yahoo.com
 School: Posen Intermediate
 Subject Area: All subjects
 Project Title: Harlem Renaissance
Baar, Jane
 Email: jbaar@homerschools.org
 School: William J. Butler
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: This Is Our Country
Beran, Robert
 Email: bberan@palos118.org
 School: Palos South Middle School
 Subject Area: Math
 Project Title: Stats in Baseball
Bohula, Christopher
 Email: cbohula@orland135.org
 School: Liberty/High Point
 Subject Area: Technology Teacher
 Project Title: Choose Your Own Adventure-Finding a Primary Source
Burke, Susan
 Email: sburke@orland135.org
 School: Century Junior High
 Subject Area: Math
 Project Title: Constitution Day
Comstock, Clark
 Email: prowers78@yahoo.com
 School: Martinez Middle School
 Subject Area: Language Arts/Honors Language Arts
 Project Title: Life in the Japanese Internment Camps
Craig, Anita
 Email: acraig@phsd144.net
 School: Primary Academic Center
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: African American Composers
Grisham, Penny
 Email: pgrisham@orland135.org
 School: Centennial Primary
 Subject Area: Media Specialist
 Project Title: Pages From The Past
Hajek, Carolynn
 Email: hajekc@vvsd.org
 School: Martinez Middle School
 Subject Area: Language Arts
 Project Title: The Effects of the Depression
Harvey, Aritha
 Email: harveya@district148.net
 School: Washington
 Subject Area: All Subjects
 Project Title: Hey, Who's in Charge Here??
Hogan, Amanda
 Email: fzx_tchr@hotmail.com
 School: Roosevelt Jr. High School
 Subject Area: Technology Integration
 Project Title: Building a Better Mouse Trap
James, Iona
 Email: ijames67@yahoo.com
 School: Martin Luther King Elementary
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: George Washington Carver: The Peanut Man
Kuzel, Catherine
 Email: ckuzel@homerschools.org
 School: Homer Junior High/Hadley Middle School
 Subject Area: 8th Social Studies/ 5th-6th Art
 Project Title: 20th Century Leaders
Kuzminski, Sharon
 Email: skuzminski@sd171.org
 School: Heritage Middle School
 Subject Area: Social Studies/U.S. History
 Project Title: Civil Rights and the Freedom Riders
Legerski, Jill
 Email: jlegerski@orland135.org
 School: Jerling Junior High School
 Subject Area: Language Arts/Research
 Project Title: That's Not Your Water Fountain
McGill, Stephanie
 Email: smcgill@phsd144.net
 School: Mae Jemison School
 Subject Area: Science
Pitts, Sonya
 Email: sdcp@alumni.uchicago.edu
 School: Harriet Tubman - NASA Explorer School
 Subject Area: Char. Educ. & Tech. Integr.
 Project Title: Are You Fit To Be A Juror?
Planinsek, Connie
 Email: cplaninsek@homerschools.org
 School: William J. Butler
 Subject Area: all
 Project Title: From Sea to Shining Sea -- A Look At Our Nation's Regions
Ritter, Karen
 Email: kritter@orland135.org
 School: Jerling Junior High
 Subject Area: Art
 Project Title: Fantasy and Symbols
Swan, Lori
 Email: lswan@palos118.org
 School: Palos South Middle School
 Subject Area: Gifted Language Arts
 Project Title: Lost Poets of the Great War
Walker, Leetosha
 Email: toshashoes@yahoo.com
 School: F.E. School
 Subject Area:
 Project Title: Where's the Beef
Wysocki, Marianne
 Email: mwysocki@sd171.org
 School: Heritage Middle School
 Subject Area:
 Project Title: Schools Move from Segregation to Integration

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