Our Participants

Bern, Faith
 Email: odie5555@hotmail
 School: Lincoln
 Subject Area: self-contained
 Project Title: Presidential Assassinations
Caplinger, Carol
 Email: ccaplinger@phsd144.net
 School: Prairie Hills Junior HIgh
 Subject Area: mathematics
 Project Title: African-American Inventors
English, Valerie
 Email: mrse2142003@yahoo.com
 School: Kellar Middle School
 Subject Area: Math
 Project Title: President Lincoln the Road to Math This Century!
Eno, Matrina
 Email: radiance36@yahoo.com
 School: Cottage Grove MiddleSchool
 Subject Area: Science
 Project Title: George Washington Carver - Scientist and Inventor
Gardner, Karen
 Email: gardnerk@cm201u.org
 School: Crete-Monee Sixth Grade Center
 Subject Area: Math, Science
 Project Title: Stormy Weather
Hiller, Theresa
 Email: thiller@peotoneschools.org
 School: Peotone Junior High
 Subject Area: Computers
 Project Title: Yankee Doodle Dandies
Johnson-Gamble, Dana
 Email: dlgx3@yahoo.com
 School: Gordon Elementary School
 Subject Area: self-contained
 Project Title: Race & Ethnicity in the American West
Jones, Dorothy
 Email: djones4927@hotmail.com
 School: McKinley
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: American Quilts
McGhee, Ayana
 Email: amcghee@sd170.com
 School: Gavin-REACH
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: Slavery (From the Slave's Perspective)
Parker, Meredith
 Email: mbpark7@yahoo.com
 School: McKinley
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: The Bald Eagle
Place, Kelly
 Email: placek@cm201u.org
 School: Crete-Monee Middle School
 Subject Area: Reading and social studies
 Project Title: Influenza
Randle, Mary
 Email: mfrandle@yahoo.com
 School: Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School
 Subject Area:
 Project Title: Exploration of African-American Performing Arts
Reese, Lynda
 Email: lreese@haveylibrary.org
 School: Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School
 Subject Area: Social Studies
 Project Title: We Served: African Americans in Military History
Roszkowski, Tami
 Email: troszkowski@hotmail.com
 Subject Area: Technology Integration
 Project Title: Do you know your ABC's? Avenues, Buildings, & Chicago
Smith, Kindell
 Email: kindellsmith@ameritech.net
 School: Kellar Middle School
 Subject Area: Language Arts
 Project Title: The First Thanksgiving
Summerville, Gloria
 Email: gsummerville@sd162.org
 School: Matteson Elementary School
 Subject Area: self contained
 Project Title: The Literary Quest of the African Americans
Wdowiarz, Matthew
 Email: wdowiarz@hotmail.com
 School: Crete-Monee Middle School
 Subject Area: Reading, American History
 Project Title: Duke Ellington: American Legend
Williams, Sonji
 Email: sonjiawilliams@msn.com
 School: Lowell-Longfellow Elem
 Subject Area: Art
 Project Title: A Unique Me: Proud of my Heritage

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