Our Participants

Cade, Lisa
 Email: llcade@cps.edu
 Subject Area: Language Arts
 Project Title: The Life Of Lincoln
Duffy, Michael
 Email: mduffy@d230.org
 School: Victor J. Andrew High School
 Subject Area: Social Studies
 Project Title: Living in the Shadow of the Bomb
Foody, Marybeth
 Email: provi3@aol.com
 School: Hadley Middle School
 Subject Area: Reading Resource
 Project Title: Jackie Robinson: Beyond the Playing Field
Haywood, Kathy
 Email: kathy.haywood@hotmail
 School: McKinley School
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: The American Flag: Why We Pledge
Kaufman, Kathy
 Email: kkaufman@homerschools.org
 School: Homer Junior High
 Subject Area: Social Studies
 Project Title: Jackie Robinson
Kinsella, John
 Email: jackkinsella@hotmail.com
 School: Jerling Jr. High School
 Subject Area: Band
 Project Title: Enhance Musical Knowledge With Images & Sound
Kuzminski, Amanda
 Email: akuzminski@orland135.org
 School: Orland Junior High School
 Subject Area: Library Media Center
 Project Title: The River Between Us
Mackey, Lisa
 School: University of Illinois at Chicago
 Subject Area: Mathematics
 Project Title: African American and the Civil War
McLaughlin, Candace
 Email: cmclaughlin@sd171.org
 School: Heritage Middle School
 Subject Area: Research/Communications
 Project Title: Three African-American Musicians
Trout, Ross
 Email: rwtrout@comcast.net
 School: Victror J. Andrew High School
 Subject Area: Media and Technology
 Project Title: The Lincoln Assassination and the Bigger Picture

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