Our Participants

Brady, Susan
 Email: sbrady1@sd171.org
 School: Nathan Hale
 Subject Area: Reading
 Project Title: Teaching Reading Strategies Using Primary Sources
Bronson, Justin
 Email: jbronson@sd171.org
 School: Heritage Middle School
 Subject Area: Mathematics
 Project Title: Mapping Math Mania!
Chiaramonte, Patti
 Email: pchiaramonte@sd171.org
 School: Heritage Middle School
 Subject Area:
 Project Title: Colonial America
Duncanson, Lizabeth
 Email: lduncanson@sd171.org
 School: Nathan Hale School
 Subject Area: Second Grade
 Project Title: Historical Figures Report
Ford, Jami
 School: Nathan Hale
 Subject Area: self contained
 Project Title: Apples to Apples
Huppert, Melissa
 Email: mhuppert@sd171.org
 School: Nathan Hale
 Subject Area: First Grade
 Project Title: Is history changing?
Johnson, Michelle
 Email: mjohnson1@sd171.org
 School: Nathan Hale
 Subject Area: Third Grade
 Project Title: Influential African Americans
Lenburg, Lisa
 Email: llenburg@sd171.org
 School: Heritage Middle School
 Subject Area: Language Arts
 Project Title: Using Perspective to Understand Point of View in Photography
Murphy, Sharon
 Email: smurphy@sd171.org
 School: Heritage Middle School
 Subject Area: Life Science
 Project Title: Insects in early America
Rodgers, Shannon
 Email: srodgers@sd171.org
 School: Nathan Hale
 Subject Area: Second Grade
 Project Title: Community Workers - Now and Then
Sitter, Julie
 Email: jsitter@sd171.org
 School: Nathan Hale Elementary School
 Subject Area: 4th grade; all subjects
 Project Title: Immigration
SpearJones, LaNissa
 Email: lspearjones@sd171.org
 School: Heritage Middle School
 Subject Area: Science
 Project Title: Graphing Inventions through time.
Wiese, Lisa
 Email: lwiese@sd171.org
 School: Heritage Middle School
 Subject Area: Social Studies
 Project Title: Women Mapmakers and Cartographers
Zentz, Kara
 Email: kzentz@sd171.org
 School: Nathan Hale Elementary
 Subject Area: all
 Project Title: Jackie Robinson and Baseball

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