Our Participants

Brazzale, Nancy
 Email: nbrazzale@netzero.com
 School: Range Elementary
 Subject Area: all
 Project Title: The First Thanksgiving
Brown , Eileen
 Email: ebrown@ahsd125.org
 School: Meadow Lane Elementary
 Subject Area: 5th Grade Social Studies
 Project Title: Fighting for Freedom
Castillo, Karina
 Email: karic30@yahoo.com
 School: Paul Revere Primary
 Subject Area: Social Studies
 Project Title: Professions: Now and Then
Cwiertniak, Anita
 Email: cwiertna@cm201u.org
 School: Balmoral Elementary School
 Subject Area: Special Education
 Project Title: School Days: Past and Present
Esparza, Carmen
 Email: carmelaesparza@yahoo.com
 School: Lincoln School
 Subject Area: Social Studies
 Project Title: Christopher Columbus
Ferrin, Aide
 Email: panichaiba@aol.com
 School: Paul Revere Primary
 Subject Area: 2nd Grade Social Studies
 Project Title: Then, Now and Future: Changes in the Post Office
Kovack, Michele
 Email: mkovack@ahsd125.org
 School: Meadow Lane Elementary School
 Subject Area: 5th Grade Social Studies
 Project Title: Are All Men Created Equal?- Trail of Tears
Olson, Jody
 Email: wrigley0418@att.net
 School: Balmoral Elementary
 Subject Area: First Grade
 Project Title: Reading Strategies for young students
Sanches, Griselda
 Email: gris5875@sbcglobal.net
 School: Kerr Middle School
 Subject Area: Social Studies
 Project Title: Tour The White House
Torrance, Susan
 Email: Susans7914@comcast.net
 School: Arcadia Elenentary
 Subject Area:
 Project Title: George Washingotn Carver
Warren Harris, Schena
 Email: swarrenharris@cps.edu
 School: McCorkle Math & Science Academy
 Subject Area: Language Arts/Social Science
 Project Title: Telling Tales of Slavery

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