Our Participants

Berrian, Tamara
 Email: ttberrian@gmail.com
 School: Washington Elementary School
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: Education: Then and Now
Celestin, Alfred
 Email: acelestin@ecps.org
 School: Lincoln Elementary School
 Subject Area: Reading and Math
 Project Title: Snapshot: The American Classroom, Past and Present
Diehl, Jody
 Email: jdiehl@summithill.org
 School: Arbury Hills School
 Subject Area: General Subject Areas
 Project Title: Let's Learn About Ruth Law
Driskell, Gina
 Email: gdriskell@comcast.net
 School: Harriet Tubman
 Subject Area: Technology Integration
 Project Title: Civil Rights,
Duhig, Amy
 Email: aduhig@whd147.org
 School: Washington Elementary School
 Subject Area: all
 Project Title: Civil Rights Movement: How Civil was it?
Jordan, Jennifer
 Email: jjordan@district130.org
 School: Nathan Hale Middle School
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: Hopeless Children In The Land of Plenty: The Dust Bowl
Moody-Harris, Geraldine
 Email: geraldinemoody09@comcast.net
 School: ECHO/Focus
 Subject Area: Self Contained
 Project Title: Tuskegee Airmen - An Airman's Story
Porlier, Catherine
 Email: CLPorlier@cps.edu
 School: McKay School
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: A Walk Through Women's Suffrage
Pyne, Kathy
 Email: kfporter-pyne@cps.edu
 School: McKay Elementary
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: The Underground Railroad & Freedom Quilts
Sanchez-Bates, Angelica
 Email: bates6870@comcast.net
 School: Fieldcrest Elementary
 Subject Area: All academics
 Project Title: Through the Eyes of a Slave…..
Sullivan, Jennifer
 Email: sullivanj@cm201u.org
 School: Balmoral Elementary
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: Inspirational Women

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