Our Participants

Ducharme Barron, Annette
 Email: abarron@summithill.org
 School: Summit Hill
 Subject Area: Gifted Education
 Project Title: Immigration 1900's:
Duncan, Celeste
 Email: cduncan@sd1525.org
 School: Dr. Ralph J. Bunche Elementary School
 Subject Area: self-contained
 Project Title: The 3 Ages of Television
Henderson, Ami
 Email: ahenderson@manteno5.org
 School: Manteno High School
 Subject Area: English 12, Sophomore Writing, Creative Writing, Mythology
 Project Title: TPS Veterans Project
Huisar, Aisha
 Email: ahuisar@sd1525.org
 School: Robert Frost Middle School
 Subject Area: Reading
 Project Title: Voices and Faces of the Past
Johnson, Jackie
 Email: jjohnson @sd1525.0rg
 School: Woodland
 Subject Area: basic academics elementary
 Project Title: Recycle Reuse Reduce
Kantor, Jason
 Email: jkantor@summithill.org
 School: Hilda Walker Intermediate
 Subject Area:
 Project Title: The American Dream in Peril: A Picture of the 1930's
Sims, Erica
 Email: esims@sd1525.org
 School: Robert Frost Middle School
 Subject Area: Language Arts
 Project Title: The Evolution of the Civil Rights Movement
Taylor-Thirus, Francine
 Email: frant5162wowway.com
 School: Ralph Bunche
 Subject Area: First Grade
 Project Title: African American History for First Grade
Wilson, Gretchen
 Email: gwilson@sd1525.org
 School: Robert Frost Middle School
 Subject Area: Language Arts
 Project Title: War of the Pens!

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