Our Participants

Greenwald, Gayle
 Email: ggreenwald@d128.k12.il.us
 School: Palos Heights School District 128
 Subject Area: Gifted Coordinator K-8
 Project Title: Primary Sources Through the Eyes of a Mockingbird
Humm, Carol
 Email: chumm@sd161.org
 School: Flossmoor Hills Elementary School
 Subject Area: Reading Specialist
 Project Title: Charged Up! The Power of Electricity
Intorp, Kathryn
 Email: kintorp@psd202.org
 School: Richard Ira Jones Middle School
 Subject Area: Media Specialist
 Project Title:
Johnson, Heather
 Email: swede726@aol.com
 School: Washington Elementary School
 Subject Area: all
 Project Title: WHAT Was That Author Thinking?! (Author's Purpose)
 No photo for LevelII, Summer 13
LevelII, Summer 13
 Subject Area:
 Project Title:
Moore, Patti
 Email: pioneerjourney@hotmail.com
 Subject Area:
 Project Title:
Murray, Jim
 Email: jim@eLearnPartners.com
 School: Governors State University
 Subject Area: Instructional Design
 Project Title: Maps - A Guide to Our World
O'Dwyer, Linda
 Email: lodsxu64@yahoo.com
 School: Parker Junior High School
 Subject Area: Social Studies
 Project Title: Legacy of the World's Columbian Exposition, 1893
 No photo for Potter, Shari
Potter, Shari
 Subject Area:
 Project Title:
 No photo for Vanderwall, Annette
Vanderwall, Annette
 Subject Area:
 Project Title:

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