Our Participants

Bonnan, David
 Email: jdbonnan@aol.com
 School: Paul Revere Intermediate
 Subject Area: General
 Project Title: Who Invented the Railroads?
Bradburn, Linda
 Email: lbradburn@whd147.org
 School: Washington Elementary
 Subject Area: Literacy Coach
 Project Title: Taxation and the American Colonies
Chapman, Mary
 Email: mchapman@whd147.org
 School: M. L. King Elementary
 Subject Area: Media Specialist
 Project Title: "The Great Chicago Fire: A Cow's Tale
Deeringer, Machelle
 Email: cmbd1@comcast.net
 School: Washington Elementary School
 Subject Area: General
 Project Title: Schools Now and Then
Domas, Sharon
 Email: sdmeow@aol.com
 School: Paul Revere Intermediate School
 Subject Area: Media Specialist
 Project Title: Discover the Inventor in You
Duran, Susan
 Email: durans@cm201u.org
 School: Talala Elementary
 Subject Area: all subjects
 Project Title: Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
Estep, Amy
 Email: Astep31@aol.com
 School: Roosevelt Junior High
 Subject Area: Math Acceleration
 Project Title: The Civil War
Henke, Jeanette
 Email: gmhenke@Juno.com
 School: Paul Revere Intermediate
 Subject Area:
 Project Title: Discover The Inventor In You
Hurst, Mike
 Email: hurstm@district148.net
 School: Roosevelt Junior High
 Subject Area: math science social studies
 Project Title: kennedy assasination
Kelly, Mallory
 Email: mkelly@phsd144.net
 School: Prairie-Hills Elementary SD144
 Subject Area: Professional Development
 Project Title: Frank Lloyd Wright
Lang, Karen
 Email: klang@wilmington.will.k12.il.us
 School: Bruning School
 Subject Area: elementary
 Project Title: Exploring the Night Sky
Lovejoy, Paige
 Email: Lovejoyp@msn.com
 School: Roosevelt Jr. High
 Subject Area: Math,Science,Social Studies
 Project Title: Amending the U.S. Constitution
Lueder, Joyce
 Email: jklueder@yahoo.com
 School: Roosevelt Junior High
 Subject Area: Media Specialist
 Project Title: Japanese-Americans During World War II
Moehlig, Christine
 Email: MrsMoehlig@comcast.net
 School: Paul Revere Intermediate
 Subject Area: General Education
 Project Title: Researching the Presidents of the Unites States
Moro, Mike
 Email: morom@district148.net
 School: Roosevelt
 Subject Area: Technology Integration
 Project Title: Exploring The National Parks
Reid, Burgandy
 Email: barsoc23@aol.com
 School: Beecher High School
 Subject Area: History
 Project Title: World's Columbian Exposition 1893
Vicari, Anne
 Email: avicari@beecher.will.k12.il.us
 School: Beecher High School
 Subject Area: English
 Project Title: Of Mice and Men: Reflections of a Migrant Worker
West, Valdavia
 Email: vwest@harvey152.org
 School: Gwendolyn Brooks Junior High School
 Subject Area: Language Arts
 Project Title: Gwendolyn Brooks: The People's Poet
White, Julie
 Email: jawhite60409@aol.com
 School: Washington Elementary School
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: Patriotic Songs Throughout American History

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