Our Participants

Adduci, Jean
 Email: jadduci@beecher.will.k12.il.us
 School: Beecher Elementary School
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: Abraham Lincoln, Our Home-State President
Benda, Carol
 Email: cab4328@sbcglobal.net
 School: Roosevelt Jr. High
 Subject Area: Language Arts
 Project Title: The Great Chicago Fire
Boyadjian, Christine
 Email: cboyadjian@orland135.org
 School: Orland Junior High
 Subject Area: Technology
 Project Title: Professional Training using the Library of Congress
Burdick, Mary Ann
 Email: proudmaryk12@yahoo.com
 School: Beecher High School
 Subject Area: Family and Consumer Science, Social Studies, Publication
 Project Title: Ins and Outs--Advertisement--Today and Yesterday
Cesaro, Marilyn
 Email: mitziac@aol
 School: Nathan Hale Middle
 Subject Area: Language Arts
 Project Title: Pink n Say Civil War story
Concannon, Karyn
 Email: ickyvicky@prodigy.net
 School: Nathan Hale Middle School
 Subject Area: Social Studies
 Project Title: Pink & Say a Civil War Story
Daly, Pamela
 Email: pdaly@palos118.org
 School: Palos West
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: Chicago Flag
Gardner, Ann
 Email: agardner@palos118.org
 School: Palos West School
 Subject Area: Third Grade
 Project Title: Significant Individuals in Illinois History
Harrison, Lois
 Email: lharriso@sd194.org
 School: Saukview School
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: Transportation
Hull, Barbara
 Email: bhull@sd130.s-cook.k12.il.us
 School: Nathan Hale Middle School
 Subject Area: Math
 Project Title: Pink & Say a Civil War Story
Karlson, Susan
 Email: wdstksu@aol.com
 School: Roosevelt Jr. High
 Subject Area: Social Studies/Language Arts
 Project Title: Ellis Island, Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears
Laurencell Silver, Kathleen
 Email: ksilver@Orland135.org
 School: High Point Elementary School
 Subject Area: Math & Science
 Project Title: Project High Point
Loftin, Stephanie
 Email: sloftin@beecher.will.k12.il.us
 School: Beecher Elementary School
 Subject Area: Special Needs - all subjects
 Project Title: Illinois: Getting to Know Your State
McLaughlin, Anita
 Email: amclaughlin@L156.org
 School: Lincoln Elementary School District 156
 Subject Area: Reading
 Project Title: Life In Colonial Times
Meyer, Carol
 Email: cmeyer@harvey152.org
 School: Harvey School District 152
 Subject Area: Reading First
 Project Title: Our Community: Past, Present, and Future
Norvell, Tyrone
 Email: tnorvell@sd130.s-cook.k12.il.us
 School: Nathan Hale Middle
 Subject Area: Language Arts
 Project Title: Pink and Say: A Civil War Story
Odom, Kathleen
 Email: kaodie@harvey152.org
 School: Brooks Middle School
 Subject Area: Technology
 Project Title: Discovering Illinois Waterways
Rich, Mary
 Email: mrich@sd194.org
 School: Saukview Elementary
 Subject Area: K-6 Computer Ed
 Project Title: People Who Changed America
Rosa, Cindy
 Email: crosa@sd194.org
 School: Saukview Elementary
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: Lewis and Clark
Warwick, Laura
 Email: lwarwic@sd194.org
 School: Saukview Elementary School
 Subject Area: all
 Project Title: Welcome to Ellis Island!

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