Our Participants

Arme, Katy
 Email: karme@lw210.org
 School: Lincoln-Way East High School
 Subject Area: History of Western Civilizations; Honors History of Western Civilizations
 Project Title: European Exploration in the Americas
Gallagher, David
 Email: dgallagher@lw210.org
 School: Lincoln-Way Central High School
 Subject Area: History of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia
 Project Title: Comparison of Internment Camps during WWII
Grove, Alesa
 Email: agrove@phsd144.net
 School: Mae Jemison
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: A Photage of Black America
Hayes, Noreen
 Email: nhayes@sd130.s-cook.k12.il.us
 School: George Washington Elementary
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: Natural Disasters
Hill, Sharon
 Email: shill@phsd144.net
 School: Mae Jemison
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: A Photage of Black America
Jacobucci, Amy
 Email: ajacobucci@lw210.org
 School: Lincoln-Way East High School
 Subject Area: Advanced Placement Psychology; Reading Seminar
 Project Title: Farewell to Manzanar
Leonard, Patrick
 Email: pleonard@lw210.org
 School: Lincoln-Way East High School
 Subject Area: U.S. History; Sociology
 Project Title: Exploring the American Suburb
McGoogan, Amy
 Email: amcgoogan@d142.org
 School: Jack Hille Middle School
 Subject Area: Science
 Project Title: What Kind of Geoscientist do You Want to Be?
Miller, Brian
 Email: bmiller@lw210.org
 School: Lincoln-Way Central HS
 Subject Area: US history
 Project Title: Prohibition Project
Mitchell, Myskeshia
 Email: mmitchell@sd130.s-cook.k12.il.us
 School: George Washington Elementary
 Subject Area: All-Kindergarten Teacher
 Project Title: Chicago Transportation and The World Around Us
Naujokas, Jeana
 Email: jnaujokas@lw210.org
 School: Lincoln-Way Central High School
 Subject Area: Honors Civics
 Project Title: Campaign Showdown
Pavlik, Sara
 Email: spavlik@lw210.org
 School: Lincoln-Way East High School
 Subject Area: U.S. History
 Project Title: Employing a Nation: The Works Progress Administration
Render, Jeff
 Email: jrender@lw210.org
 School: Lincoln-Way Central
 Subject Area: US History
 Project Title: CSI: Boston
Rich, Alison
 Email: arich@sd130.s-cook.k12.il.us
 School: George Washington Elementary
 Subject Area: Art and Media Center
 Project Title: People's Places and Their Spaces
Tintari, Angela
 Email: adudek@phsd144.net
 School: Highlands
 Subject Area: All except Science
 Project Title: AAM Project-United States Geography
Washington, Darlene
 Email: dwash60406@yahoo.com
 School: Rosa L. Parks Middle
 Subject Area: Social Science
 Project Title: A Historical View of the Struggle for the Right to Vote
Wood, John
 Email: jjwood00@hotmail.com
 School: Laraway School
 Subject Area: Social Studies
 Project Title: America's Two Party Political System
Zawisza-Dineen, Donna
 Email: ddineen@joliet86.org
 School: Edna Keith Elementary
 Subject Area: Language Arts, Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies
 Project Title: Fun and Games: Then and Now

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