Our Participants

Bowden, Matthew
 Email: mdbowden00@hotmail.com
 School: Lincoln-Way Central High School
 Subject Area: Economics, Civics, Psychology
 Project Title: Suburban Growth in the Chicago Metropolitan Area
Byar, Eric
 Email: ebyar@sbcglobal.net
 School: Lincoln-Way East High School
 Subject Area: U.S. History
 Project Title: Illinois: Canals and Railroads
Crooks, Heather
 Email: crooksh@besd53.org
 School: Robert Frost/Liberty Intermediate School/
 Subject Area: Band - General music
 Project Title: Just a Few American Composers
Cunningham, Caroline
 Email: ccunningham@lw210.org
 School: Lincoln-Way East High School
 Subject Area:
 Project Title: The Great Depression and the New Deal
Davis, Sylvia
 Email: sylvia_diann@yahoo.com
 School: Prairie Hills Elementary Schools
 Subject Area: Mentor novice teachers (alt. cert)
 Project Title: Phenomenal Black American Women
Drake, Adrienne
 Email: adrake2006@yahoo.com
 School: Rosa Parks Middle School
 Subject Area: Math
 Project Title: From Trash to Treasure
Duignan, Patrick
 Email: pduignan@hfhighschool.org
 School: Homewood-Flossmoor High School
 Subject Area: World History
 Project Title: The Enlightenment in Action
Finno, Carla
 Email: cfinno@comcast.net
 School: Veterans Memorial Middle School
 Subject Area: Special Education
 Project Title: The Dust Bowl-Causes and Effects
Graham, Nina
 Email: sci205@aol.com
 School: Rosa L. Park Middle School
 Subject Area: science
 Project Title: Emerging and Reemerging Diseases
Hernandez, Amy
 Email: ahernandez@yahoo.com
 School: Primary Academic Center
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: Exploring the Underground Railroad Through the Arts
Ivey, Jeanna
 Email: jivey@phsd144.net
 School: Primary Academic Center
 Subject Area: All Subjects
 Project Title: The Unsung Heroes of the Underground Railroad
Jernigan, Detra
 Email: detjern@sbcglobal.net
 School: Primary Academic Center
 Subject Area: All
 Project Title: Slavery , Underground Railroad, and Harriet Tubman
Klix, Matthew
 Email: mklix@lw210.org
 School: Lincoln-Way East H.S.
 Subject Area: Honors West Civ. and AP European
 Project Title: The Fall of the Soviet Union: Glasnost and Perestroika.
Phelan, Matthew
 Email: xxteachermattxx@yahoo.com
 School: A. Vito Martinez Middle School
 Subject Area: Social Studies
 Project Title: The US Constitution
Sanks, Jennifer
 Email: jensanksross@yahoo.com
 School: Rosa L. Parks
 Subject Area: Math Remediation & Algebra
 Project Title: Designing a Theme Park in an Amusement Park
Shileny, Jennifer
 Email: shilenyj@district148.net
 School: Riverdale School
 Subject Area: 2nd Grade - All Subjects
 Project Title: A Blast From The Past
Sinde, Michael
 Email: mrsinde@hotmail.com
 School: Thornton Township High School
 Subject Area: Math
 Project Title: Roller Coasters - Past, Present, and Future
Steward, Marcia
 Email: msteward@lw210.org
 School: Lincoln-Way East HighSchool
 Subject Area: U.S. History
 Project Title: Reconstruction:America's Dream and Disappointment
Szynalski, Lisa
 Email: lszynalski@sd130.s-cook.k12.il.us
 School: Veterans Memorial Middle School
 Subject Area: Reading/Language Arts
 Project Title: It's a Woman's Right!
Tisch, Carrie
 Email: cferst12@comcast.net
 School: Veterans Memorial Middle School
 Subject Area: Science
 Project Title: Nature's Elements
Washington, Kimm
 School: Nob Hill
 Subject Area: All Subjects
 Project Title: Exploring the Northeast Region Through the years

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