Our Participants

Alozie, Emmanuel
 Email: E-ALOZIE@govst.edu
 School: Governors State University
 Subject Area: Media Communications
 Project Title: News and Feature Writing: Profile
Blobaum, Paul
 Email: p-blobaum@govst.edu
 School: University Library
 Subject Area: Liaison to College of Health Professions, Government Information, Grants Information
 Project Title: Mary Ann "Mother" Bickerdyke: An Illinois Civil War Nurse
Burruss, Carla
 Email: c-burruss@govst.edu
 School: Governors State University
 Subject Area: Business/Management
 Project Title: Critical Thinking in Advertising
Comer, Shirley
 Email: s-comer@govst.edu
 School: Governors State University
 Subject Area: Nursing
 Project Title: Nursing Licensure, Legislation and Nurse Practice Acts
Justice, Marjorie
 Email: m-justice@govst.edu
 School: Governors State University
 Subject Area: English
 Project Title: American Literature: The Revolutionary Period
Kim, Ki
 Email: k-kim@govst.edu
 School: Governors State University
 Subject Area: Social Work
 Project Title: Searching for Student's Rights
Lanigan, Mary
 Email: M-LANIGAN@govst.edu
 School: Govenors State University
 Subject Area: Human Performance and Training
 Project Title: Copyright Issues in Performance Technology
Lyon, Gary
 Email: g-lyon@govst.edu
 School: Governors State University
 Subject Area: Chemistry Teacher Education
 Project Title: Chemistry and Ethics: Pollution in Onondaga Lake
Mietlicki, Ph.D., Connie
 Email: c-mietlicki@govst.edu
 School: College of Arts and Sciences
 Subject Area: English
 Project Title: Ecofeminist Literature
Morrow Ruetten, Lydia
 Email: L-Morrow@govst.edu
 School: Governors State University
 Subject Area: Head of Serials & Acquisitions in the Library, Liaison to the College of Business and Public Administration for the Management & Marketing programs
 Project Title: Women Physicians: Changing the Face of Medicine
Muhammad, Ph.D., Rashidah
 Email: r-muhammad@govst.edu
 School: Governors State University
 Subject Area: English Education, Critical Theory, and American, African American, and Young Adult Literatures,
 Project Title: Pulitzer Prize Winners in African American Literature
O'Shea, Robbie
 Email: R-OSHEA@govst.edu
 School: GSU
 Subject Area: Physical Therapy
 Project Title: History of Physical Therapy
Robey, Patricia
 Email: p-robey@govst.edu
 School: Governors State University
 Subject Area: Counseling
 Project Title: Psychoanalysis in Cultural Context
Rohman, Todd
 Email: t-rohman@govst.edu
 School: Governors State University
 Subject Area: Literature, Critical Theory, Grammar
 Project Title: Whitman and the American Experience: Issues of Authenticity
Sanders, Adelle
 Email: a-sanders@govst.edu
 School: Governors State University
 Subject Area: policy/practice/HBSE/Diversity
 Project Title: American Indian Women Leaders: Past and Present
Shlaes, Nancy
 Email: N-SHLAES@govst.edu
 School: Governors State University
 Subject Area: Archives
 Project Title: Governors State University Memory Project
Thompson, Robin
 Email: r-thompson@govst.edu
 School: Governors State University
 Subject Area: Literature
 Project Title: Literary Backdrops
Tymkow, Catherine
 Email: C-TYMKOW@govst.edu
 School: Governors State University
 Subject Area: Nursing
 Project Title: Advocacy and Health Policy: Nursing's Legacy and Future
Zhao, Jun
 Email: J-ZHAO@govst.edu
 School: Governors State University
 Subject Area: Business/Management
 Project Title: Advertising in the Global Marketplace

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