Poll Everywhere is a free site that is easy to use. It allows live, real-time, animated charts updated on responses right into a PowerPoint. It works on every device, like cellphones, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Get Your Class' Attention Immediately, and Easily

You can set up Poll Everywhere in less than an hour; and get your students' attention instantly.

Instructors prefer Poll Everywhere because:

  • There's no clunky hardware to set up or pair.
  • Saves their students money.
  • Eliminates "pocket clicking" from absent students.
  • New features ship nearly every week.
  • It works on any web or mobile device. Stop worrying about software upgrades.
  • Instead of texting or being distracted on their laptop, students follow along with you.

Students prefer Poll Everywhere because:

  • They can have a voice. Some instructors poll the class to find out what section to cover next; to vote on a movie to see, or just to give the shy student a chance to earn participation points.
  • Their responses can be reviewed later.
  • There is no need to replace batteries or buy a separate device. Clickers usually cost $35-$50 at the campus bookstore; easily the cost of one month of a smartphone data plan
  • Never forgotten: students also have a much greater likelihood to attend class and to remember to bring their phone/laptop with them.



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