Voki: Voki is an online tool that allows users to create speaking avatars. Voki helps motivate students in the subject being taught, improves message communication, and provides a fun way to integrate technology in the classroom.

Some TPS-GSU participants create avatars on Voki to introduce their primary source lesson and others incorporate students creating their own Voki as part of of their inquiry based lesson.

Here are some links to primary source projects that have incorporated Voki :

Propaganda of the Great War by Robert Holzhauser (Voki to introduce lesson)

http://holzhauser.weebly.com/propaganda-of-the-great-war.html (personal website)

https://sites.google.com/site/robertholzhauser22013/home (project website)

Welcome Home by Sandy Graziano (Voki incorporated into lesson, student created)



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