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David W"I love learning new things, and this class just taught me a lot of new things. Also, I love having time to create it is so nice just have the time, support and encouragement to make a great lesson.  I know you probably hear this all the time, but all three of you really have made this class great! I feel I have really come up with a great lesson, and it is better than I could have imagined because of all of you help and hard work."  David W.

I enjoyed the class, as a whole. I think it is the goal of every social studies teacher to help his/her students relate to events in history, and using primary sources along with the inquiry based method, really allows students to do just that. In addition, what we, as teachers, always ask for is more time to research lesson topics and create meaningful classroom activities, and that's exactly what this class has allowed us to do. In addition, the Library of Congress has a wealth of resources that I never would have been able to locate on my own... It was also helpful to have the expertise of three instructors available to us when researching and creating our projects." Diane H.

Carisha P"I like that the classes are interactive and that they are always new ideas being presented for the group to participate in. I think the class is great as is and I may look into another class such as this for some additional training." Carisha P.



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